ASTM E709-15 Standard Guide for Magnetic Particle Testing

Designation: E709- 5 Standard Guide for Magnetic Particle Testing1
1. Scope
1.l This guide7 covers techniques for both dry and wetmagnctic particle testing, a nondestructive method for detect-ing cracks and other discontinuities at or near the surface in
ferromagnetic materials. Magnetic particle testing may beapplied to raw material, semifinished material (billets,blooms.
castings, and forgings). finished material and welds, regardlcssof heat treatment or lack thereof. It is useful for preventivemaintenance testing.
1.1.1This guide is intended as a reference to aid in thepreparation of specifications/standards,procedures and tech-niques.
1.2 This guide is allso a reference that may be used asfollows:
1.2.1To cstablish a mcans by which magnetic particletesting. procedures recommended or required by individualorganizations.can be reviewed to evaluate their applicabilityand completeness.
1.2.2 To aid in the organization of the facilitics and person-nel concerned in magnetic particle testing.
1.2.3 To aid in the preparation of procedures dealing withthe examination of materias and parts.This guide describesmagnetic particle testing techniqucs that are recommcnded fora great variety of sizes and shapes of ferromagnetic materialsand widely varying examination requirements. Since there aremany acceptable differences in both procedure and technique,the explicit requiremcnts should be covered by a writtenprocedure (see Section 21).
1.3 This guide does not indicate,suggest,or specify accep-ance standards for parts/pieces examined by these techniques.It should be pointed out,however,that after indications havebeen procuced, they must be interpreted or classified and thenevaluated. For this purpose there should be a separate code,

E709- 15 Standard Guide for Magnetic Particle Testing

ASTM E709-15 Standard Guide for Magnetic Particle Testing



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